Curved Ceiling Components

Curved Ceiling Components


For Metal Bending Corporation, utilizing technology to constantly improve its capabilities with curved ceiling components has allowed it to stay far ahead of the competition. Since 2006, ceiling components curved by Metal Bending Corporation have been installed in just about every international airport from LAX to the Doha International Airport in Qatar.

By constantly establishing new industry standards and procedures, Metal Bending Corporation continues to reinforce its position as the worldwide leader in the curved ceiling industry.

With the company’s newest operating system implemented and the years of experience of the shop’s production team, it is now possible to form curved ceiling components into rings, waves, cones, arches, vaults, and corbels.

Standard ceiling components such as angles, channels, t-bars, and tubes can all be curved with virtually no limits. Metal Bending Corporation’s greatest area of expertise, however, is in the curving of custom brake shapes and extrusions, even to compound radii. Metal Bending Corporation welcomes the projects with curved ceilings that are considered impossible to produce because as the company’s track record shows, nothing is.

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