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Metal Bending Corporation is a worldwide leader and innovator in the metal “curving” industry. Metal Bending Corporation uses the stretch forming technique to take just about any customer-supplied metal and achieve a precise radius.¬†Complexity is not a problem. By mastering this technique, there are virtually no limits to what can be curved.¬†Anything from metal framing, storefront, ceiling systems, and even aircraft components are easily curved with great repeatability.

Since 2006, Metal Bending Corporation has had the privilege of curving parts for projects all over the world. The project that brought the highest honor, however, came in the form of custom curved brake shapes for the new World Trade Center. Metal Bending Corporation takes a great amount of pride in stretch forming for the the World Trade Center, as well as providing various aerospace components for the United States Military. It is an honor that Metal Bending Corporation does not take lightly.

Metal Bending Corporation takes a very “hands on” approach to each job and makes it a point to be accessible to customers at every stage of each project. Every project, whether it’s one piece or one thousand, is given the utmost attention and quality assurance.

What is Stretch Forming?

Stretch forming is a very accurate and precise method of forming metal shapes. It is a manufacturing process in which metal shapes are stretched and bent simultaneously over a die to form simple or complex, smooth and even contoured parts.

All forming dies are made in-house, keeping costs down and lead-times short. Dies are usually made even before customers have dropped off the material that is getting curved.

By constantly improving the stretch forming technique, there is virtually no limit to the variety of shapes and cross sections that can be curved with great repeatability.

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